Plan B

Plan B works directly with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion eliminating the old and time consuming letter writing campaigns. The results can be seen in days, not months or years.

Plan B also offers WEEKLY SCORES AND REPORTS so the client and their Loan Officer can follow their progress. Once the desired score is achieved we notify your Loan Officer (if requested) that their client is ready for processing.


Actual Plan B Client Results



How do I get started with Plan B?

The best way to start is by contacting us at (714)508-7306 for a free consultation. Once we understand what issues are affecting your credit, we can suggest which Plan B program would work best for you. Then we'll suggest the first steps to start the repair process.

What will this cost me?

It really depends on (1) how many derogatory accounts, errors and or omissions you have that need attention? (2) How fast do you want this done? (3) Do you want Weekly Updates? All these questions can be answered by contacting us (714)508-7306

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fees would be for Optional Weekly Updates for our Flex-Pay Program. 

How Long will it take?

That depends on how many derogatory accounts you have and how high you need your FICO score to be ? You can get a good idea by clicking on Plan B Client Results above. Our average client has 5-10 derogatory accounts and typically takes 30-90 days to repair.

Can I get reimbursed for what Plan B charges me?

In many cases YES! Many mortgage companies who refer clients to Plan B will reimburse Plan B fees at closing.